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We choose to remember the world in our own way. Some take photographs. Some film memories. We are so caught up in capturing these fleeting moments because we all want to relieve the sensation someday. Life moves so fast and most of these moments never last. They say that our generation lives in the present by treating life like it’s already a memory but we dare to disagree.


We at Silver Arrow Films would gladly document these seconds of feeling, the flashes of laughter and tears for you to relieve and reminisce. It would be our greatest pleasure to seize the littlest of details on your special day, to see what you weren’t able to see. We want to tell your story in an eye of someone outside your circle, someone other than yourselves. Through the lens of our cameras, which serve as our eyes, we want you to see how magical and picturesque that day was.


We want you to remember exactly how it all felt standing before everyone you know showing them that true love is indeed possible. We hope that through our passion we’ll be able to help you celebrate these memories and recollect the emotions that nobody else in the world will be able to understand the way that you do.

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