Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cameras and equipments do you use?

We use Sony cameras that shoot in 1080p high definition quality videos. We come prepared on the day of your event. We also bring all of the audio equipments that will capture your vows and speeches in high fidelity. We basically use lavalier mics and other portable audio recorders. We typically use an on-board mic patched in from the camera, mic the groom or tap our recorders from the sound mixer if possible. All of our footage is steady to the best we can provide during the filming situation. We use tripods and other stabilizers to make sure the footage is steady as possible. We also bring our own lighting equipments in case we need it.

How long do you release the wedding film?

We get your film out as soon as we feel the love overflowing, realistically within 150 business days after your event, but most of the time, it is much sooner than that.

Why should we book Silver Arrow Films for our wedding?

We are passionate in what we do. Our team is wonderful and we bend our heels over our toes for our clients and provide exceptional customer service. We use nothing but the best cameras and our quality is second to none. Did we mention we also have the best packages and the most affordable packages around?

What is your style?

We are leaning to a more unobtrusive approach, let's say a more candid way of shooting as weddings are always full of emotions as they already are, and we are there to capture the moments as it unravel. Our editing and storytelling often adapts and molds from what the event brings.

What is the "Cinematic Reel" that you say?

The cinematic reel is the Holy grail of your wedding film. It is a collection of clips that is meticulously hand-picked then tapered into one reel. It covers the best parts of the ceremony and reception combined. This is where the "Ooooh, Wooow, Loveely, Teary-eyes" reactions come. Thus we are all out in focus in making this one for you. 

Who selects the music for the film?

We personally do and pick the music for your film and please allow us to do it for you. As we, artists, carefully arrange every unfolding scene in harmony with the highs and lows of the music, picking the right music is one of the most carefully selected choice that we will do to be able to let your love story to be told in the most magestical way.

Do you need to be fed at my wedding?

Yes, it's hard to be creative if you are hungry but don't worry, we always bring snacks with us in case of emergencies.

Can I book you outside Australia?

Sure, you need to book in 3 months advance and expenses though is to your cost.

Why does your videographers sometimes become too silent?

That's when all the magic starts and craftsmanship takes place. Artistic thoughts and ideas executed in a continuous jolt wherein the camera and videographer become one.

How do I book you for my Wedding?

Easy, just click on the Contact us link, fill up the form and message us as to your desire.